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Pre-clinical research / Biological safety studies for medical devices

Generally medical device investigations, supported by Aix Scientifics®, start with animal studies prior to the first application on humans. Aix Scientifics® supports your planning, execution and evaluation of pre-clinical research. However, we do not conduct such studies ourselves.

Aix Scientifics® has own veterinarian-surgical experiences. We try to ensure a continuous and appropriate harvesting of knowledge from in-vitro experiments, over the in-vivo to the clinical studies. The aim is to keep the number and burden of the involved animals as small as possible restricting at the same time, the risks for humans at the first application.

Similar to human studies, we support you in :

  • planning the animal trials (design of study plans),
  • selection of the study centre(s) and the physicians,
  • drafting the questionnaire (CRF),
  • announcement at authorities/ethics commission,
  • execution of the studies and the data acquisition,
  • evaluation of the study data and writing the study report.

Aix Scientifics® acknowledges rights to all suffer-able beings.
Aix Scientifics® demands basic legal rights also for all non-human great apes.
Aix Scientifics® claims adherence to human rights for all human beings.

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